Design Your Own Kitchen Using Virtual Program

To design your own kitchen, you need something like software and program in the computer to help you realize your wish. Long time ago, before the era of computer was started; people only use a sheet of paper to make the design or concept of the house they wanted. Today, people, especially for the beginner, […]

Kitchen cupboards ideas for traditional Kitchen

In traditional kitchen design, the role of kitchen cupboards ideas is vital enough. Usually, we know kitchen in traditional house applied with wooden cupboard with dull color. People prefer to apply natural wood color as the main scheme of their kitchen. They mean natural wood is better choice to deal with other kitchen parts that […]

White Spring Granite to Make Luxurious Kitchen Countertop

As the other granite styles, the applications of white spring granite on the countertop will make your kitchen look so luxurious. Yeah, the characteristic of them is granite is that they have beautiful fixtures and patterns that will make different shades. The granite selection will be more challenging to add the special characteristic. However, the […]