Leather Dining Chairs Treatment

Leather dining chairs is one dining chair models that are much in demand. In addition to natural, leather is also durable and looks beautiful as the center of attention in the room. Leather is also one of material that looks more attractive with age because of increasin gluster when used frequently.However, leather furniture requires regular […]

Dining Room Furniture Designs

The existence of a dining room in a dwelling is very vital. The dining room is not only used as a gathering place for families to enjoy the food. However, much of this is also used as a chatting place the whole family. In recent years, the design of the dining room does not seem […]

Minimalist Dining Benches

The dining room is a room in the house, which is used as a gathering place for loved ones to eat together. Family harmony and laughter often happens in this room. Therefore, there is no harm if you design the dining room carefully. You do not need to worry too much about the land, because […]

Adding Luxury with White Dining Chairs

For those who are confused in selecting color composition for home design, you can try to play with color tones. This color offers luxury look and purity sense for your home design. Besides, it also emphasizes the feminine side. In other words, the white tone is suitable for women who want to add feminine side […]

Saving Space with Folding Dining Chairs

It can’t be denied that not all people have bigger space. There are a lot of people that live in small or medium sized house where it is impossible to put larger sized pieces of furniture.In accordance with this, there are various selections of folding dining chairs that can make your dining space look stylish […]

Luxury Contemporary Dining Chairs

Contemporary design offers the simplicity, warmth, and comfort so it is very suitable to be applied in the dining room because this room is a room as gathering place for all family members. The contemporary design wil lcreate a friendly and comfortable atmosphere when you joking laughter with your beloved family. Contemporary-style furniture would be […]

Glass Dining Table For Contemporary Theme

Glass dining tableis available in various selections that match any kind of contemporary touch. Moreover, this dining table offers decorative purpose and function at the same time. Although you are newbie or have planned about the dining room decoration, browsing some glass dining table ideas are still recommended since it can help you in selecting […]

Dining Room Lighting Tips

Don’t you know? In fact, the lighting has an important role to build up the atmosphere. In any room, including the dining room, light is one of the determining factors of comfort. Light alone is not enough, because there needs to be a special scheme so that vision is not impaired. Do not let your […]