Small Sectional Sofa for Your Tiny Room

You may find some troubles to make your dream living room come true when you have a tiny room, but don’t worry because you can invite this small sectional sofa. Most of them are with fabric cover. They are in straight and L-shaped design. If you are to develop the living room with classic touches, […]

Pink Sofa Pillows Accompanying Modern Gray Sofa

Looking for some ideas of living room interior coloring, adding modern gray sofa and some pink sofa pillows on it will be great. You will love the combination of these colors, gray and pink. Before you grab them in your living room, however, you need to think about the room coloring first. It will be […]

Grey Sofas for The Beauty of Cozy Room

In the modern house, placing the grey sofas in the living room is not a new thing. There are many interesting decoration ideas for living room which are using this sofa to complete its look. For the simple living room, the grey sofas ikea can be placed. Simply place two single sofas and a long […]